University admission boards and corporate recruiters are using social media to judge applicants. If your posts are deemed to be offensive you will never hear about it, you will simply receive a "Thank you for your application, but..." email. 


  • Over 80% of recruiters and admissions personnel review applicants' social media presence during interview process, paying the closest attention to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • 83% of employers say they are turned off by references about using illegal drugs.

  • 71% are turned off by posts of a sexual nature.

  • 65% are turned off by use of profanity.

  • 61% of HR personnel frown upon spelling or grammatical errors in a candidate’s post.

  • 51% of recruiters say that they’re looking to see if the candidate will be a good fit with the corporate culture (can work for or against a candidate).

  • 51% of employers avoided candidates who indulge in political rants online.

  • 51% are turned off by references to guns

  • 35% were repelled by alcohol. consumption proofs candidates left on social media.

  • 19% interviewers didn’t like the show-off of wealth or big purchases by the job applicants.

  • 16% didn’t like photos where candidates were dressed in revealing outfits.

  • 12% recruiters thought that limited social presence meant that a person was not dynamic enough.

*Sources for the above statistics are available on the FAQ & Links page of this website. Please keep in mind these figures may change over time and are shown here for illustrative purposes.

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